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2018 A dialogue with Christians about the meaning of life

The Farnham Christian community, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Humanists UK and Farnham Humanists, came together to share a dialogue exploring the meaning of life.

2018 Elmbridge Multifaith Forum – “Faith has no place in modern society”

Jennie is pleased to be invited to take part in another discussion on 13th November 2018.

2015 Elmbridge Multifaith Forum – Freedom of Expression

Farnham Humanist Jennie Johnson was delighted to accept an invitation to speak at the Elmbridge Multifaith Forum on the 29th of September on the subject “What limits, if any, should be put on freedom of speech/expression and how?” Click here for more information

2013 University of Surrey Debating Society

Following a request by the University of Surrey Debating Society David Savage spoke in a debate in December 2013 in favour of the motion “This house proposes that religion is becoming less relevant in the 21st Century”. This was opposed by Dr Matthew Knell from the London School of Theology.

2011 and 2012 – U3A (University of the 3rd Age) Course

In 2011 Farnham Humanists provided a course on Humanism for Farnham U3A  led by Jim Herrick and run by Sue Shaw. We believe it was the first in the country. By popular demand, it was repeated in 2012, this time led by David Savage. The sessions included lively discussions about what Humanism is; Humanism past and present; Humanism and religion, science and the arts; altruism and morality including people’s ethical dilemmas; Humanism in society and internationally; famous humanists and finding meaning in life. Attendees said they also enjoyed hearing about personal experiences and views.

2010 Talk to Farnborough U3A

Following a request from Ivor Manley of Farnborough U3A, in 2010 Jennie Johnson gave a talk titled “The Humanist Viewpoint” at an all day Multi Faith Study event  Farnborough U3A October 2010 . She addressed Humanist beliefs and, as requested, connections between Humanist institutions and religious ones. Other speakers were Shafiq Shahir from the Basingstoke Mosque on The Muslim Faith, Nabil Mustapha on The Baha’i Faith, Jane Clark on Judaism, Pandit Chandra Niraula from the Gurka Community in Farnborough on The Hindu Faith and Reverend Rachel Bennetts from the Church of the Good Shepherd on The Christian Faith.

2009 Talks to Farnborough Technical College

Following a request in 2009 from a counselling lecturer, Jim Herrick and Jennie Johnson provided talks to a couple of student groups about Humanist beliefs.

2009 Talk to Surrey SACRE  (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education)

Following a request from the Surrey SACRE,  Jennie Johnson provided a talk in February 2009 on ” What it means to be a Humanist in Surrey today”.

As well as our members volunteering as individuals for a number of organisations and giving Educational courses, debates and talks, other areas members give time are:

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