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Our annual public debates, talks and panel discussions

Previous talks, visits and discussions have included:











  • Festive buffet and Face Quiz at Jennie and Simon’s December
  • Remembrance day Wreath laying November
  • “What’s happening to our NHS?” Panel Discussion, NovemberPeter Stott 2
  • ‘Climate Change’ Dr Peter Stott, Head of Climate Monitoring at the Met Office, October Peter Stott’s Presentation
  • “Interviews with Afghan Women”, talk by Peggy Kelsey October
  • Visit to Darwin’s House, Downe in Kent September
  • Valued object shared with group led by Sue Willson, September
  • Garden Party at John and Ruth’s August
  • ‘Meaning of Life’ Talk/discussion David Savage July
  • ‘Gay and Civil Partnerships’ Caroline Bowlby, lecturer in family law June
  • Summer walk and pub lunch organised by Roy Wheedon June
  • ‘Equality and Diversity in the Police’ Mick Day, Diversity Manager Surrey Police May
  • ‘Judaism- a personal view’ Peter Susman April
  • ‘Religious Child Maltreatment (and how to stop it)’ Janet Heimlich March
  • AGM and Talk on ‘IHEU and Humanism in Uganda’ by Bob Churchill, Communications Officer IHEU February
  • Annual Dinner Cafe Rouge March postponed from January due to snow


  • Festive evening at Jennie’s December
  • ‘How to make a Living Will or Advanced Directive’ Belinda Schwehr November
  • Talk by Gerald Howarth MP Minister of Defence October
  • “Sharia Law in the UK” Anne Marie Waters, One Law for All September
  • ‘An anthropologists view of humanism’. Matthew Engelke July
  • Garden party at Belinda’s July
  • ‘William Cobbett’, Richard Thomas of the Cobbett Society JuneJeremy Hunt talk photo
  • Jeremy Hunt MP The Big Society comes to Farnham May
  • ‘Spirit Level’ Professor Derek Diamond LSE April
  • An Ethical Jury run by Belinda Schwer March
  • AGM and Talk by Gerard Phillips, Vice-president of the NSS February
  • Annual Dinner January


  • “Victoria Sponge Quiz” December
  • Members talks: Alan Montgomery ‘Life in a divided Ireland’ November
  • Prof Richard Norman ‘Humanism and the arts’ October
  • ‘Conscientious Objection’ Alan Howarth political philosopher & author September
  • Members talks: ‘Citizens Rights to Social Care Services in an Era of Cuts’ Belinda Schwehr July
  • Garden party at Alan and Linda’s
  • An Ethical Jury run by Michael Imison June
  • Walk and pub lunch June
  • ‘Skeptics in the Pub movement & Winchester Skeptics’ James Thomas May
  • Members talks. S. Clough ‘Being’, G. Thomas ‘What good are the Arts’April
  • ‘Police Chaplaincy’ Rev Jan Moore March
  • AGM and ‘British Humanist Association and How It Works’ Naomi Philips BHA February
  • Annual Dinner January


  • ‘An Evening’s Entertainment on a Humanist Theme’, Christine Haywood December
  • Simon Johnson ‘Bell’s Inequality – an argument for the existence of multiple universes?’. October  Summary of Simon’s talk Oct 2011
  • ‘International Humanism’, Jim Herrick; Click here for talk
    plus dialogue with Surrey County Council on local Equality issues September
  • Protest the Pope march September  Protest the Pope photos
  • ‘What is Lost and What is Gained by Being Non-religious?’, group discussion July
  • Summer Garden Party June at Meg’s
  • Stall with Organ Donation Promotion June
  • ‘Whitehall Civil Servant – Yes Minister’. Jo Huddleston JuneWalk Early Summer 2010 021
  • A walk in the bluebell woods and pub lunch May 2010
  • ‘Language. The Big Idea’, Keith Haywood May
  • Group discussion “What Humanism means to me” April
  • “The Moral Maze”, members discussions on moral problems March
  • Michael Irwin on “Old Age rational Suicide” February


  • Canon Derek Holbird Director of the Education Diocese of Guildford talking about Faith Based Schools December
  • Alec Leggatt about Construction Projects and the Hindhead Tunnel October
  • Farnham Humanists Ceremony Officiants talking about Humanist Ceremonies September
  • Barbara Burfoot about The Sea of Faith July
  • Why Humanists should not believe in representative democracy by Jane Cullen June
  • Desmond King-Hele talking about Erasmus Darwin May
  • Jim Herrick leading a discussion on Censorship March
  • Talk on infinity by Alec Leggatt April  – THINKING ABOUT INFINITY Alec Leggatt

Pre 2009

  • Dennis Cobell, Former President of the National Secular Society “The Future of Humanism”Jennie in newspaper
  • Facing the moral implications of global warming Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy Studies Institute The Maltings, Farnham, 23 September 2007
  • Discussion on “Humanism: anti-religious or a Humanist philosophy.
  • Discussion on the “Age of Enlightenment”.
  • “Science or religion?” Talk by Vincent Marks author of “Panic Nation”.
  • “Islam” by Mufti Liaquat Ali from the Shah Jehan Mosque in Woking.
  • “Do we have free will?” by Dr Jeremy Stangroom of The Philosophy Magazine.
  • Talk by Hanne Stinson, Chief Executive of The British Humanist Association.
  • Talk on Buddhism by Carolin Bevan a practicing Buddhist.
  • Discussion ‘What Humanism means to me’.
  • Talk, ‘Persecution of the religious and non religious in today’s world’. Harold Hillman Amnesty International
  • Discussion, ‘Is prostitution moral?’
  • Talk by Norman Bacrac South Place Ethical Society, editor of the Ethical Record.
  • Religion and Crime – Mike Adams
  •  Visit to the Hellfire Club
  • Discussion “A Humanist’s attitude to the Church”
  • Visit to the Hindhead Tunnel excavations
  • Talk on Quaker Beliefs by Michael Gittins
  •  Dr Richard Thomas on Africa
  • Talk on Adoption, reality and practice by Joe Ansah

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