Garden Party at Ruth and John’s

SunflowerDo join in our
Garden Party
at Ruth & John’s.

Everyone is welcome!

Sunday 14th June
From 1pm for lunch at 2pm

Please bring a contribution e.g. a savoury (cold sliced meat, chicken, fish, quiche, cheese) or a salad (rice, couscous, bean, green/tomato) or your favourite pudding/cake or strawberries (please ring Ruth 01252 733832 if stuck for ideas!)

A bottle of something is always welcome too!celebration picture

Please ring Ruth and John on 01252 733832 for their address and more information

RSVP by 10th June

RSVP by ringing 01252 733832 or emailing including (so that we avoid 10 potato salads!) what you would like to bring

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