Hypatia of Alexandria – any parallels with Islamic State?

Sunday 20th March at  7 for 7.30pm

At Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham, GU9 7HX
HypatiaHave You Ever Wondered what finally ended the Classical World, and ushered in the Dark Ages?

… What single event happened that triggered the near obliteration of 2,000 years of cultural and scientific progress, and took a thousand years for the Western World to recover?

The place is the last great ancient library of the Classical World … The rivals are Bishop Cyril, and Orestes,- Rome’s Prefect at Alexandria … The story is about fanatics, fear, religion, hatred, oppression and murder …Bishop Cyril

… And the year is 415 AD.

The last great Classical scholar caught between them was a woman by the name of Hypatia – and she was a Pagan who refused to betray her faith …

Find out what happened – and join in the debate about what it teaches us about religious fundamentalism today…

The talk is given by David Brittain who was general secretary of the Defence Humanists (DF) group and is a Humanist ceremonies celebrant. Hypatia, the first significant woman mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, was killed by a fanatical Christian sect 1500 years ago. David will be asking if there are any parallels to Islamic State today?

Everyone is welcome!!

Come and join in the discussion. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits. Other drinks available from the Hop Blossom Pub close by. Admission donation £2 to help cover costs.  

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