Members Favourite Music Evening

Farnham Humanists want to explore the contribution that music in all of its forms makes to their wellbeing and inspiration on Sunday 21 March 2021 from 19:30 to 21:00 by Zoom.  

The importance of music for our wellbeing and inspiration Music for many, makes a great contribution to their lives through performing and listening. We also believe that it has been an additional solace during the long periods of stress and isolation caused by the pandemic.  

In order to hear how Farnham Humanists have benefitted from the music in their lives, we’d like members to volunteer to share their thoughts on what music means to them, in a short presentation plus audio, video or lyrics or all three (bandwidth permitting).  

Date: 21st March 2021
Time: 7.15 for 7.30pm  
Format:  All anyone needs do is be unmuted.   

Singing, an instrumental presentation, or playing either sound or video files, interwoven with your spoken words, will be just fine. Assuming the technology holds up then we can be flexible.

Presentations will need to be around 10 minutes with a short opportunity for questions at the end.  

We hope to fit 6-7 contributions in, with a comfort or top-up break in the middle.  

Please contact if you are interested in learning more or taking part.

We appreciate that some people will want to impart information and others will want to convey why they are moved – so we suggest one of three basic approaches. Feel free  to use the suggested topics or adapt.

1) My Musical Journey Focusing on the development of your interest over time, so we all learn something about what’s shaped the presenter’s changing tastes.

  • First Music / Record / Tape / CD ever acquired
  • Genres and artists along the way
  • Most recent Music / Record / Tape / CD acquired
  • Favourite track to play and Why….

2) My Musical Heart Focusing on one artist in particular and the meaning of the genre or track for the presenter

  • Genre name, the dates it was popular, or waned; popular artists
  • Favourite artist, and favourite track from that artist
  • Reasons e.g. brings back memories; makes me want to sing/dance; makes me feel happy / sad / love listening to on my own / with friends / at a club 

3) My Musical Soul For those with no favourite genre or music history, focusing on one track in particular of great emotional significance to the presenter  – perhaps performed or played at a:

  • wedding
  • funeral
  • other special event

 …explaining the significance of it, to you, please.