Saving Israel – what hope now for peaceful coexistence?

Sunday 19th March at  7 for 7.30pm

At Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham, GU9 7HX

At one level, things are going well for the state of Israel. Arms and security system exports are at record levels.  The IDF is assured of the latest weaponry thanks to a generous 10 year promise of aid from the USA.  The expansion of settlements and the Judaisation of East Jerusalem are proceeding relatively unhindered. Things are under control in the Occupied Territories.

But it is difficult to brush aside the authoritative Jewish voices saying things like: “we may win every battle, but we are losing the war”.

By the end of 2017, the number of Jewish Israelis will be matched by the number of Palestinian Israelis, combined with Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. (This discounts Palestinian refugees from 1948 and 1967 living in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria!)

Is there any alternative for the Israeli Government but to press on, to annexe the major settlement blocs of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, perhaps even the whole Jordan valley? Will Israelis have to “live by the sword for ever” as proposed by Prime Minister Netanyahu?  Can Israel become a Jewish state and still be accepted as a democracy?

Tim and Mayonne Coldicott have recently returned from their fourth visit to Israel/Palestine. They have listened to what some Jews and Palestinians think about the two-state solution and about alternative ways of proceeding towards a goal of coexistence, equality and respect for the human rights of all the peoples in what used to be called Palestine.  Is there some way that Jews and Palestinians can “call a truce with their dreams”?

We invite you to join Tim and Mayonne as they present some case studies of initiatives that are happening ‘underneath the radar’ of our media. This is perhaps an opportunity to think together about what civil society in the UK can do to help steer this region towards a more hopeful future.

Tim and Mayonne’s biographies:

Tim’s first visit to Israel was in 1962 when he worked on a kibbutz. In 1968, 6 months after the Six Day War, they visited Israel and the West Bank together.

Tim worked as a Business Consultant, before changing careers, becoming a Family Therapist. He worked in a hospital for adolescents, an Eating Disorders Unit, and with adults, and continues to supervise other therapists.  He is a qualified glider pilot, has a long-standing interest in the theatre and finds 7 grandchildren and a 1 acre garden provide a great diversion.

Mayonne worked as a Counsellor prior to a career in Human Resources in a wide variety of industries. Later, self-employed, she combined these experiences, helping people who had lost their jobs back into satisfying employment.   In retirement, voluntary commitments include management of the local community shop, and time with hospice patients.

Everyone is welcome!!

Come and join in the discussion. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits. Other drinks available from the Hop Blossom Pub close by. Admission donation £2 to help cover costs.  

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