Books about Humanism

Humanists UK has a comprehensive
list of recommended books

Some suggestions are given below:

  • Humanism An Introduction by Jim HerrickHumanism: An Introduction by [Jim Herrick]
  • Humanism A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Law
  • Modern Humanism: Living without Religion by Alfred Hobson and Neil Jenkins
  • On Humanism (Thinking in Action) by Richard Norman
  • Humanism, A Beginner’s Guide by Peter Cave
  • All in the Mind: Farewell to God by Ludovic Kennedy
  • God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
  • What Is Secular Humanism? by Paul Kurtz
  • Against All Gods: Six Polemics on Religion and an Essay on Kindness by A.C. Grayling
  • The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
  • The End of the Affair by Sam Harris
  • Parenting without God by Jane Wynne Wilson
  • The Good Book: A Secular BibleThe Good Book: A Secular Bible (Bloomsbury) by AC

Humanists UK also has a Philosophers Group which produces pamphlets and books

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