George Jacob Holyoake: The Life of a Great Victorian Humanist

Sunday January 16th at 7.15pm for 7:30pm

This will probably be held in person at our usual venue but it may be held by Zoom if need be. Our usual venue is Daniel Hall, 2 Long Garden Way, Farnham GU9 7HY

A talk by David Warden.

George Holyoake’s name is usually associated with the founding of secularism, but it is widely recognised that his broad concept of secularism, which he developed in the 1850s a decade before the founding of the National Secular Society, is almost identical with what we call ‘Humanism’ today. 

At the age of twenty-five he spent six months in Gloucester Jail for the offence of ‘improper levity’ towards God and he spent the rest of his long life fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, morality without religion, and the co-operative movement.

In his eighties, he became chairman of the newly formed Rationalist Press Association. At one stage, he was indirectly involved in a bomb plot to assassinate Napoleon III. Later in life he breakfasted with William Gladstone, had an audience with 19th US President Rutherford Hayes, met Felix Adler, founder of the Ethical Societies, and became firm friends with the great American secularist Robert G. Ingersoll.

David Warden is Chairman of Dorset Humanists, an Honorary Member of Humanists UK, and an assistant editor of the grassroots magazine Humanistically Speaking.

“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and interesting talk about George Jacob Holyoake.” Toni Rolles, South Hants Humanists

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