Climate Emergency Question Time

Tuesday 19th November
at 7:30 for 8:00

South Farnham School Hall, Menin Way, Farnham, Surrey

Picture taken from NASA website

Governments and institutions around the world, including Waverley and Farnham, have declared a Climate Emergency.

The future looks grim and many say massive changes in human behaviour are required. Is this true? Others argue that what is needed is the political will to rapidly introduce existing technologies, such as electric road transport and 4th generation nuclear power, and that no radical new technology is required.

Greta Thunberg and her peers inspire many to urgent and dramatic action. But is there any point in individual or local actions?  With conflicting recommendations and complex trade-offs, many have doubts or questions that hold them back.  Climate Emergency Question Time aims to raise awareness and give answers that spur people to appropriate action.

Speakers/panel so far are:

  • Cllr Steve Williams, Green Party, Environment Portfolio at Waverley Borough Council;
  • Cecily Bedner, Farnham UCA student, and member of Extinction Rebellion Youth; 
  • Neil Hirst, Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Mitigation at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London and specialist on China’s energy policy.
  • David Hepper, Cambridge biologist, works in wildlife conservation and for Population Matters and is a member of Farnham Humanists.

Knowing some questions in advance will help us balance the discussion. Submit yours to before 15th November.

Admission free. Coffee/tea from 7:30 – £2 donation, £1 with your reusable cup.

Collection for Practical Action – Schumacher’s “Small is Beautiful” environmental charity.