Cosmology and the Big Bang

Sunday 16th May 2021 via Zoom

7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Credit : NASA/WMAP Science Team

In 1915, Einstein’s theory of General Relativity revealed the deep connections that exist between space and time, matter and energy, and laid the foundations for the scientific investigation of the origin, composition and ultimate fate of the universe. 100 years ago, it was widely believed that we reside in a static, eternal universe no bigger than the Milky Way. Today, it is clear that we live an expanding universe which formed some 13.79 billion years ago and is likely vastly greater than the 93 billion light years diameter size accessible to us and is mostly comprised of components we can neither see nor currently explain.

In this talk Kevin will explain how Einstein’s theories led scientists towards an understanding of the expansion, geometry and composition of the universe, and describes some of the key discoveries which led to the modern consensus picture of the big bang, and the likely ultimate fate of the universe.

Kevin Pretorius is a semi-retired IT developer, project and programme manager, with a lifelong amateur interest in astronomy. He has helped run Farnham Astronomical Society for the past 10 years or so, and currently in the role of Co-Chairman, and has given talks and lectures there and elsewhere on a wide variety of astronomical topics. For several years he taught beginners’ classes in astronomy at Farnham Adult Learning Centre, in parallel with studying for a Bachelors Honours Degree in Astronomy with the University of Central Lancashire, which completes this year.

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