Human Rights reform and why it matters

Sunday April 24th, 7.15pm for 7:30pm

Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham, GU9 7HX.

(Zoom is also available. – see below)

A talk by Fiona Bateman.

Fiona has worked for many years as a lawyer and, more recently, as an independent chair of safeguarding boards to ensure safeguarding arrangements and partnerships are effective in protecting adults at risk or experiencing neglect or abuse.

Fiona’s talk will cover wider issues of Human Rights than safeguarding.

Currently there are various proposals to amend Human Rights Legislation and The Law Society are saying that these would damage the rule of law because many would either reduce government accountability or shield public bodies from it.

“This undermines a crucial element of the rule of law, preventing people from challenging unlawful uses of power and undermining good governance,” the society said.

Reducing government accountability “undermines the ability to access justice” and several proposals “would make it harder to bring human rights claims or reduce the availability of effective remedies”.

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