2020’s Remembrance Day

Farnham Humanists having been laying a wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Farnham for over 15 years.

This year’s took place on 8th November under strict circumstances to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. This meant that fewer people could be involved. The priority was for veterans and serving armed forces personnel to actively participate in the service. The town council informed us that they were going to need to make difficult decisions about which representatives of community organisations can lay a wreath during the service.

Farnham Humanists volunteered to the Town Council that we would lay our wreath afterwards. Our vice chair, John Cregan, laid the Farnham Humanists’ wreath later that day.

Click here for Humanists’ UK news on the 2020 Remembrance Day and Humanists UK President Alice Roberts’ message

Farnham War Memorial

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