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Prof. Jim Al-Khalili talks at Farnham Humanists 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Jim_Al-Khalili_500x500On Wednesday 26th February 2014 Farnham Humanists welcome Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Physicist & President of the British Humanist Association. Jim will speak in Guildford at Farnham Humanists 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Jim will talk about “Written in the stars: how to live happily in a deterministic universe”.  Do we have free will? Is our future pre-ordained? Many people still believe their fate is linked to the movements of stars and planets.  Jim will talk about what modern physics contributes to the debate.  How does Humanism answer life’s Big Questions?

Buy tickets in advance online £5 (students £2) (costs more on door).

Where? Trinity Centre, 5 Trinity Churchyard, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3RR

Please display an A4 poster near where you live.

Jim Al-Khalili spoke about this subject at the Leeds BHA 2013 Annual Conference