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Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s Guildford talk to Farnham Humanists

2014 Jim Al-Khalili talkOn Wednesday 26th February 2014 Farnham Humanists welcomed Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Physicist & President of the British Humanist Association as part of their 10th Anniversary year celebrations.

Jim’s talk given at the Trinity Centre in Guildford was titled “Written in the stars: how to live happily in a deterministic universe”.  It covered such questions as: Do we have free will? Is our future pre-ordained? Many people still believe their fate is linked to the movements of stars and planets.  He talked about what modern physics contributes to the debate. Jim’s actual presentation can be found here .

Students from Godalming College Anna Smith and Hanna Miles have produced a short report of the event which is here. 

Students also from Godalming College Jonathan Holmes and Jessica Horne have produced a video of the event . Unfortunately the last few minutes did not record but they have filled this part in using Jim’s viewgraphs.
The video is on youtube at
(Jump to 08:11 to miss the introduction.)

Jim gave a similar talk in 2013 at the British Humanist Association Annual Conference in Leeds – the 2013 talk can be found at

Exploring Life – A non-religious view

Open to All – Discussion of non-religious views on:

“Is there more to life?”, “Why should we be moral?”, “Can we know anything?”, “Is there  life after death?”, “Where do morals come from?”, “What is a good life?” …+ a quiz

Thursday March 20th OR Wednesday April 9th 7.30 to 9:30 pm
Guildford Institute, Ward St, Guildford GU1 4LH

Come & share your views

Refreshments and lively discussion
Free – Everyone is welcome!
Agnostics, Sceptics, Atheists, Faith believers…

INTERESTED? – Please ring Mike on 01483 233324
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